A simple way to manage audio

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Cool editor window

AudioManager (in lack of a fancy name), is a nifty little extension for Unity, which allows you to easily manage and play audio. Instead of keeping track of multiple audio sources, all your sounds are grouped in a single window, as shown below:

AudioManager screenshot

Crazy convenient methods

AudioManager automatically generates convenient static methods, to play your sound effects. So to play a sound all you have to do is call the appropriate method. If you're using an IDE with autocompletion it will pop up as a suggestion:


Bug annihilation

The AudioManager will be available on the Asset Store for free, once it has been through some more bugtesting. I would be very thankful if you took some time to test the AudioManager, and report any bugs you find to


If you have any suggestions, complaints, future requests or just want to say hi! Shoot me an email at